About us

European Law Society (the ELS) is a non-governmental research, educational and consultancy institution constituted on 27 January 1998 in Sofia (Bulgaria) by professionals working in the field of legal European integration.  The ELS is incorporated as non-for-profit association on 20 April 1998 by the Decision no. 2236 of 1998 of Sofia City Court. It is filed with the Registry at the Sofia City Court (Bulgaria).

The team of the ELS associates academics, researchers and practitioners in different field of law – Administrative Law, Customs Law, Tax Law, Trade Law, Law of Contract, International Private Law, Non-profit Law, Human Rights Law, Criminal Law, Criminology, Dispute Resolutions and also academics and practitioners in the field of legal translation, legal sociology, legal information and legal documentation.  

The ELS develops partnerships with non-governmental and governmental organizations and also with academic and scientific centers working for the legal development of Bulgaria.  

The ELS carries out applied research work in the field of European Law and in the field of approximation of the Bulgarian Legislation with the European law

The ELS organizes discussions, elaborates expertise upon legal instrument drafts and presents drafts related to the approximation of the Bulgarian legislation with the European law. The ELS organizes and assists the process of integration of Bulgaria into the European Union.  

The ELS organizes the vocational and educational training and assists to realization of those people working in the field of the  European legal integration. The ELS will contribute to the establishment of uniform rules and principles of quality management, professional ethics, social responsibility of legal professionals and businesses.


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